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Southern Telecom About Us

About Us


Southern Telecom is the telecommunications subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO). Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Southern Telecom offers an entrepreneurial spirit supported by one of the largest investor-owned utilities in North America.

Southern Telecom provides wholesale dark fiber optic solutions to the business community.

Products and Services

Southern Telecom provides long-haul and metro dark fiber connecting Atlanta with other smaller cities throughout the Southeast. Call on us for:

  • Dark Fiber and Conduit Services​
  • Purpose-built Private Network Development ​
  • Network Monitoring and Maintenance​
  • Colocation Facilities for data storage, data back-up, data recovery,  disaster recovery,  long-haul/metro optical cross connects​
  • Rights of Way​
  • Land - Leasing​
  • Lit Fiber Services (coming soon)​

Southern Telecom on Benefits of Atlanta Colocation at 270 Peachtree Facility

The Network

Southern Telecom has 1,500 route miles installed in the Southeast. We also construct spurs off this route to support many of the nearby tier II-plus cities. We provide HVAC, power, and other custom energy solutions for optronics at our operation hubs and in-line amplification sites (ILAs) on the long-haul routes and points of presence (POPs) in the metro areas supporting the metro fiber rings.

  • Georgia To Jacksonville, FL
    Southern Telecom long-haul routes connect Atlanta central business district fiber ring, the Macon business district and the Jacksonville business district fiber ring, all of which connect to many of the premier telecom addresses.
  • Florida
    Southen Telecom also has dark fiber in Florida that reaches from Jacksonville through St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, Melbourne, West Palm, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami and up the Florida West Coast through Ft. Myers and Tampa to Orlando and back to Daytona Beach. This route passes through six percent of the U.S. population and offers connectivity to international traffic via other carriers' Latin American submarine cables.
  • Alabama
    Southern Telecom provides fiber optic connectivity between Montgomery and just outside Birmingham.

Wired or Wireless?

Southern Telecom is the wireline, fiber optic telecommunications subsidiary of Southern Company.

Southern Linc is Southern Company’s wireless communications service offering businesses two-way radio, phone service, paging and Internet access in one handset. 


Businesses Served

Telecommunication providers: CLECs, ILECs, BLECs, ISPs, ASPs, IXCs
Carrier carriers
Enterprise private networks
Enterprise data storage, back-up, and disaster recovery service providers

Business Details

Southern Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company that provides long-haul and metropolitan dark fiber connecting Atlanta with other smaller cities throughout the Southeast. The company also provides network elements such as rights of way, dark fiber, conduit, co-location and other related maintenance services. Southern Telecom is certificated as a telecommunications provider in Alabama, Florida and Georgia and also at the federal level. For more information about Southern Telecom, please call (678) 443-1820.