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Dark Fiber

Dark Fiber and Conduit Services


Bandwidth bottlenecks can slow data traffic, sometimes at the last mile. This is because most fiber optics networks do not extend all the way to the businesses in need of service. Southern Telecom provides metro dark fiber service laterals and backbone fiber that can deliver this last mile to ensure fast connections in the Southeast. Southern Telecom's solutions will eliminate bandwidth as an impediment to your growth without major capital expenditures or maintenance obligations.

Additionally, fast direct access to Southern Company assets and to transmission and distribution rights of way help speed development of new points of service throughout the Southeast. For instance, use of an idle steampipe network running under metropolitan Atlanta enabled Southern Telecom to lock in valuable real estate and accelerate the permitting and construction process to better serve key buildings.

Southern Telecom's fiber and conduit services support route diversity and access to numerous key colocation sites in Atlanta, Macon and Jacksonville with plans to add more cities in the Southeast.

You will receive the support of our network operations center (NOC) and field technicians for 24/7 site-monitoring and maintenance.

Dark Fiber Options

  • Monthly or pre-paid lease arrangements
  • Point to point or ring configurations
  • Enterprise building service laterals
  • Full fiber cables or select number of strands
  • High-quality fiber supporting DWDM (e.g., NZ-DSF for inter-city spans or SMF-28 metro fiber)
  • Compliant with industry standards
  • For inter-city routes, regenerator sites can be provisioned with racks for client electronics and cross-connects
  • Industry-leading maintenance response time
  • Private network construction services

Contact us for wholesale dark fiber and other telecommunication solutions and support.

Additionally, our conduit offerings feature:

  • Industry standard inner liners
  • Fully proofed and tagged
  • Sufficient manhole space for client needs (coiling, wiring, splicing)
  • Coring for service laterals
  • Backbone and service laterals